S.W.R Drainage Systems
Gloflex swr systems are far more superior to conventional cast iron & asbestos cement drainage systems as a upvc product they provide a valuable life long trouble free (hastle free) performance.

Quality standard set for Gloflex swr pipes & fittings are enormous as they are designed to withstand all kinds of weather from blaring heat of Thar desert to freezing cold of Ladakh.

Gloflex swr drainage systems conform to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) IS 4985/13592 for pipes & IS: 5382:1985 for rubber rings.

Gloflex offers complete range from Cowl to Shoe bend in 75 mm & 110 mm in all combinations.



These PVC pipes are easy to install & less time consuming than cast iron or asbestos cement systems & with rubber rings which ensures a leak proof seal.

Light weight

Due light in wt. these pipes are easy to transport & easy in handling & installation.

High impact strength

These pipes have a high impact strength & can withstand rough & robust handling & not prone to mechanical damages in handling & transportation.

High corrosion resistance

These upvc pipes are non-corrosion in nature & immune to chemical, electrolytic & galvanic corrosion.

Minimum bend radius

Do not bend beyond the specified parameter as it would put excessive stress on the braided reinforcement and drasticly reduces the pressure resisting capability of the hose

High chemical resistance

Resistance to acids, alkalis, oils & domestic effluents.

Self-extinguishing properties

PVC is itself extinguishing material therefore it eliminates   the   need   for   fire   resistant coatings & no  special  precautions are necessary during installation.   

Smoother inner Dia

Due to its smooth inside surface it gives better flow characteristics than AC, Cl and Gl Pipes.

Maintenance friendly

PVC pipes due to the smooth inside dia & door caps there to give a ease in inspection & are effectively cleanable.


PVC pipes are most cost effective as they are cheap than all kinds of pipes. Beside they also offer economy in handling, transportation & installation.


 No scale formation, UV stabilised. No effect of weather & sunrays.