Drip Irrigation Pipes And Fittings

Dripper tapes are Made of virgin LLDPE . Drip Tapes are so designed that it is available with self drippers at a spacing of 1 FT, 2 FT or 4 FT from each other. No Need to have separate drip buttons which saves on cost .

Consistent discharge at low working water pressure.

Dripper Buttons ( with slit design ) are also available with a Discharge of 2 liter/ hour , up to 8 liters/hours. per dripper Button .

If dripper spacing of 1 FT is used, it increases the soil value & productivity.

Due to slit dripper design, there is less fear of choking or blockage.

Advantages of Tiny Drip SYSTEM

The cost of this system is about 70% less than any other drip irrigation systems.
Because the tape design is available in 1 FT, 2 FT or 4 FT, the cost does not increase due to closely spaced drippers, because there is no need for additional attachments to be made.

More land being cultivated at a very low cost.

Saving of water as well as electricity.

Consistent discharge even at low pressure.